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Name Research direction Academic title Subject categories

1.Transcriptomic and proteomic response of plants to nutritional deficiency and excess and other abiotic stresses

2.Ribosome mediated selective translation in response to nutritional deficiency

3.Root architecture (root hair) in response to nutritional starvation

4.Soil proteomics


Professor plant nutrition,proteomics

  (1)       The control of non-point source pollution 

  (2)       The mitigation of eutrophic process in surface waters 

  (3)       The behaviours of nutrients between sediments and overlaying water 

  (4)       The systematic design and control of water and soil erosion  

  (5)       Wetland and constructed wetland 

  (6)       Periphytic biofilm reactor 

  (7)       Microbial ecology based on periphyton 

  (8)       Resource reuse based on periphyton (development of biofertilizer) 

Professor Ecology, Environmental Science
Environmental Science and Soil Chemistry professor Environmental Science and Soil Chemistry

   Greenhouse gas emission from cropland and wetland

   Denitrification and anammox

   Soil carbon and nitrogen interaction

   Agricultural non-point source pollution

Professor Carbon and nitrogen cycling

Soil and groundwater remediation science and engineering applications

Professor Environmental Science and Engineering
i) Soil structure and C cycle, ii) water movement and solute transport in agricultural watershed 
Professor Soil Physics
Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Pollution Process and Bioremediation, Soil Chemical Biology, Evironmental Protection & Risk Management Professor Environmental Science
I mainly engaged in the research of soil water movement, water-saving agriculture, plant physiology, cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, agro-ecological environmental comprehensive management of Huang-Huai-Hai Plain and so on. Professor(Natural Science) Soll Physics
Soll Physics
Nutrient cycling and soil quality change in agro-ecosystems from filed to regional scale 
professor Soil Geology, Soil Ecology
Soil Organic Matter Prefessor Soil Biochemistry
Soil Ecology/Pollution Ecology Prof. Ecology
Soil Environmental Chemistry Professor Soil Chemistry
Soil Electrochemistry Professor Soil chemistry
Environmental Chemistry and Soil Chemistry Professor Environmental Science and Soil Chemistry
Use and managemeng of soil and water resources Professor Soil Science Environmental Science
soil chemistry professor soil chemistry
plant nutritional genetics and molecular physiology, relations of crop fertilizing and quality of agricultural products and environment pollution professor(nature science) soil-plant nutrition
Al resistance mechanism and mechanisms of plant adaption to acid soils; efficient nutrient-uptake and utilization in crops Professor (natural science) Plant nutrition
Facility agriculture,recycling agriculture professor agricultural resource utilization