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YAO Yijun
Academic title:
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Subject categories:
Environmental Engineering
Mailing Address:
No.71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing, China


1.Education Background

PhD. 09/2008-07/2012 Brown University, America. Engineering.

MSc. 09/2005-07/2008 Tongji University, China, Environmental Engineering.

BS. 09/2001-07/2005 Zhongshan University, China, Environmental Engineering.

2.Professional Experience

Professor, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Science (07/2019-present)

Senior Research Associate, Brown University (09/2018-05/2019)

Associate Director, Institute of Environmental Health, Zhejiang University (03/2017-09/2018)

Associate Professor, Zhejiang University (01/2014-09/2018)

Lecturer, Zhejiang University, (02/2013-12/2014)

Postdoc Research Associate,Brown University, (07/2012-11/2012)

Research Assistant, Brown University, (09/2009-05/2012)

3.Work achievements

Managed 8 research projects,including 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 National High Technology, 2 the National Environmental Protection Special Fund for Scientific Research on Public Causes of China, and 1Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China. The study has led to the publication of 118 papers, including 30 peer reviewed SCI papers, 21 EI papers and 83 CSCD papers, exclusively composed 4 academic books, such as “Methods of Soil and Environmental Research”, and applied 13 national invention patents (5 authorized patents). Second Prize of Science and Technology Award of Jiangsu Province was obtained in 2012.

4.Scientific discoveries

In recent years, the systematic and innovative research works were conducted on contaminated

sites left by the relocation of industrial enterprises. Creative achievements on risk assessments of contaminated sites and vapor intrusion were accomplished.


Fate and transport modelling of contaminants in soil and groundwater.

Risk assessments of contaminated sites.

Evaluation of landfill gas emission.


[1] Yao, Yijun; Mao Fang; Xiao, Yuting; Luo, Jian. Modeling capillary fringe effect on petroleum vapor intrusion from groundwater contamination. Water Res. 2019, 150, 111-119. (IF=8.424) (SCI)

[2] Yao, Yijun; Wu, Yun; Wang, Yue, Wang, Verginelli, Iason; Zeng, Tian; Suuberg, Eric M.; Wen, Yuezhong; Ma, Jie. A petroleum vapor intrusion model involving upward advective soil gas flow due to significant methane generation. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2015, 49 (19), 11577-11585. (IF=7.874) (SCI)

[3] Yao, Yijun; Shen, Rui; Pennell, Kelly G.; Suuberg, Eric M. Examination of the influence of environmental factors on contaminant vapor concentration attenuation factors using the U.S. EPA's vapor intrusion database. Environ. Sci. Technol.2013, 47 (2), 906-913. (IF=7.874) (SCI)

[4] Yao, Yijun; Shen, Rui; Pennell, Kelly G.; Suuberg Eric M. A review of vapor intrusion models. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2013, 47 (6), 2457-2470. (IF=7.874) (SCI)

[5] Yao, Yijun; Shen, Rui; Pennell, Kelly G. Suuberg, Eric M. Comparison of the Johnson-Ettinger vapor intrusion screening model predictions with full three-dimensional model results. Environ. Sci. Technol.2011, 45 (6), 2227-2235. (IF=7.874) (SCI)

Community service:
Commitment to research the situation:


[1]Yijun Yao. Development and application of two-dimensional analytical models of vapor intrusion in heterogeneous soil.National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41771494) 2018/01-2021/12

[2]Yijun Yao. The development of vapor intrusion screening tools using a numerical three-dimensional model. National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.21307108) 2014/01-2016/12

[3]Yijun Yao. Environmental investigation and risk assessments of Zhejiang Jinyong Acrylic Company Site. Zhejiang Jinyong Acrylic Fibre Company 2017/09-2017/12

[4]Yijun Yao. Remediation plan of Zhejiang Jinyong Acrylic Company Site. 2017/12-2018/01

[5]Yijun Yao. The simulation of soil gas transport and fate. The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities 2014/01-2015/12

[6]Yijun Yao. The role of soil texture in vapor intrusion. The Education Department of Zhejiang Province 2013/10-2014/10

[7]Yijun Yao. Model development and identification of key parameters in the monitoring of wastewater treatment process. Focused Photonics Inc 2013/10-2014/10

[8]Yijun Yao. Early Career Reward in Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. Zhejiang University 2016/04-2018/04