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PENG Xinhua
Academic title:
Postal Code:
Subject categories:
soil science
Mailing Address:
No.71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing, China


1.Education Background

PhD. 09/2000-07/2003. Institute of Soil Science, CAS. Soil Science

MSc. 09/1997-07/2000 Hunan Agricultural University, Soil Science

BS. 09/1991-07/1995 Hunan Normal University, Geography


2.Professional Experience

Professor, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Science (09/2009-present)

Marie Curie experienced researcher, University of College Dublin, Ireland (01/2008-12/2009)

DFG research fellow, Christian Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany,(01/2006-12/2007)

Max-Planck fellow,Christian Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany,(01/2004-12/2005)


3.Work achievements

He was appointed as a full professor of soil physics from ISSCAS in Sept. 2009. In 2017, he obtained the distinguished young scholar of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). He was the President of International Soil Tillage Research Organization (2012-2015), and is currently the chairman of Soil Physics Society of China (2012-2020). He services as co-Editor-in-chief of Soil & Tillage Research, editorial board of Geoderma, CATENA and Acta Pedologica Sinica journals.He has published over 100 peer-reviewing papers including over 80 SCI papers, and 5 book chapters. His main research interests are i) soil structure formation, stabilization, degradation and its functions on soil C sequestration, fertility and erodibility, and ii) hydraulic processes and their driving C/N biogeochemical cycling at agricultural watershed.


4.Scientific discoveries

His main scientific achievements are: i) pioneering research on aggregate turnover using rare earth oxides labeled aggregates and the 3D quantification of soil structure, ii) the proposal of a new four phase soil shrinkage model, a coupled tillage – soil water – soil structure model, challenging the structural shrinkage not resulting from macropore collapse; iii) clarification of puddling as a main mechanism of paddy cracks generation, investigation of effect of paddy cracks on preferential flow, linking soil shrinkage curve and crack; iv) developing an understanding of the role of SOM, biological exudates, biochar, and Fe/Al oxides in soil aggregation and structural stability, analyzing the impact of red soil crust formation on water infiltration, the effect of aggregate formation and stabilization on C sequestration and soil erosion; v) improving an understanding of spatio-temporal pattern of soil moisture at intensified hilly red soil region, quantifying water sources of stream flow at Red Soil CZO.


Soil physics and hydrology,

Soil erosion,  

Soil management and sustainable agriculture.


Distinguished young scholar of NSFC

"Ten-thousand Talents Program" award


1. Liu, S., Zhang, Z.B., Li, D.M., Hallett, P.D., Zhang, G.L., Peng, X.H*., 2019. Temporal dynamics and vertical distribution of newly-derived carbon from a C3/C4 conversion in an Ultisol after 30-yr fertilization. Geoderma 337:1077-1085.

2. Liu, S., Guo, Z.C., Pan, Y.B., Zhang, L.L., Hallett, P.D., Peng, X.H*., 2019. Rare earth oxides for labelling soil aggregate turnover: Impacts of soil properties, labelling method and aggregate structure. Geoderma. 351: 36-48.

3. Guo, Z.C., Zhang, J.B., Fan, J., Yang, X.Y., Yi, Y.L., Han, X.R., Wang, D.Z., Zhu, P., Peng, X.H*. 2019. Does animal manure application improve soil aggregation? Insights from nine long-term fertilization experiments. Science of Total Environment. 660:1029-1037.

4. Rahman, M.T., Liu, S., Guo, Z.C., Zhang, Z.B., Peng, X.H.*, 2019. Impacts of residue quality and N input on aggregate turnover using the combined 13C natural abundance and rare earth oxides as tracers. Soil & Tillage Research. 189:110-122.

5. Zhang, Z.B., Liu, K.L., Zhou, Z., Lin, H., Peng, X.H.*, 2019. Linking saturated hydraulic conductivity and air permeability to the characteristics of biopores derived from X-ray computed tomography. Journal of Hydrology. 571:1-10.

6. Lv, Y.J., Gao, L., Geris, J., Verrot, L., Peng, X.H*. 2018. Assessment of water sources and their contributions to streamflow by endmember mixing analysis in a subtropical mixed agricultural catchment. Agricultural Water Management. 203:411-422.

7. Zhang Z.B., Liu K.L., Zhou, H., Lin, H., Li, D.M., Peng, X.H*., 2018. Three dimensional characteristics of biopores and non-biopores in the subsoil respond differently to land use and fertilization. Plant and Soil. 428:453–467.

8. Fang, H., Zhou, H., Norton, G.J., Price, A.H., Raffan, A.C., Mooney, S.J., Peng, X.H*., Hallett, P.D*. 2018. Interaction between contrasting rice genotypes and soil physical conditions induced by hydraulic stresses typical of alternate wetting and drying irrigation of soil. Plant and Soil. 430:233–243.

9. Peng, X.H.*, Zhu, Q.H., Zhang, Z.B., Hallett, P.D., 2017. Combined turnover of carbon and soil aggregates using rare earth oxides and isotopically labelled carbon as tracers. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 109: 81-94.

10. Zhou H., Mooney, S.J., Peng, X.H.*, 2017. Bimodal pore structure investigated by a combined SWRC and X-ray Computed Tomography approach. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 81:1270–1278.




Community service:

Chairman of Soil Physics Society of China (2012-2020)

President of International Soil Tillage Research Organization (2012- 2015)

Commitment to research the situation:

[1] Rare earth oxides as tracers for quantifying aggregate turnover (NSFC Outstanding Yougth Scientist Project);

[2] Dynamics of soil structure of Vertisols and its impact on plant growth (NSFC Key Project);

[3] Hydrological processess at multiscales and their driving biogeochemical cycling (Sino-UK Red Soil CZO Project);

[4] Interaction between soil aggregation and SOM dynamics (National Key R & D Programm)