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Director of National Agro-Ecosystem Observation and Research Station in Yingtan (Ecological Experimental Station of Red Soil, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Farmland Conservation of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MOARA)
Academic title:
Postal Code:
Subject categories:
Soil Geology, Soil Ecology
Mailing Address:
No.71 East Beijing Road, Nanjing, China



1992-1995: Ph.D in Soil Science, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISSCAS), Nanjing, CHINA.

1989-1992: M.S in Soil Science, ISSCAS, Nanjing, CHINA.

1985-1989: B.S in Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrient, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, CHINA.


2. Employment:

March 2004-present: (Professor) Ecological Experimental Station of Red Soil, ISSCAS.

December 1999 –February 2004: (Associate Professor) Soil Sub-Center, Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN), ISSCAS.

March 1999-February 2000: (Rothamsted International Fellow) Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, United Kingdom.

February 1995-January 1996: (Post Doctor) Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), Montpellier, France.

August 1992-February 1998: (Research Associate and Assistant researcher) Ecological Experimental Station of Red Soil, ISSCAS, Nanjing, China.


3. Research interest

Key coordinative mechanisms in soil-root-microbe systems to improve nitrogen and phosphorus utilization

Carbon and nitrogen cycling in agro-ecosystems and its optimized management along the climatic transects

Soil degradation and ecological rehabilitation to improve the sustainability of grain production systems


4. Main achievements

His research field is soil nutrient cycling and soil quality evolution in agro-ecosystem from filed to regional scale. He is the principal investigator of the National Key R&D Program “Mechanisms for arable land quality to affect nutrient utilization of chemical fertilizers and their regulation”, and the key project of NSFC “Study on the metabolic theory of ecology driving the formation of soil microbial diversity”.

He has co-authored 70 international peer-reviewed academic papers (indexed by Science Citation Index), 150 papers in Chinese (indexed by Chinese Science Citation Database), 5 monographs and 3 national standards. He was awarded a second-class prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2004 and 2011, respectively.

The main results include: evolution mechanisms of red soil fertility and the countermeasures for red soil degradation, the mechanism of nutrient cycling and balance in farmland and the countermeasures for agricultural non-point source pollution in China, the long-term soil observation standard of Chinese ecosystem. In view of the degradation of acidic red soil (10 million ha) in southern China, the theory and technical model for construction of fertile arable layer were established based on the synergetic improvement of nutrient storage capacity and biological function of soil macroaggregate.

Soil quality and health,
Soil nutrient cycling in agro-ecosystem,
Soil microbiology,
Soil chemistry. 

Key technologies for observations of changes of terrestrial ecosystems and their integrated applications. Second Prize of 2011 State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (ranking 4th)

Mechanisms and Preventions of Red Soil Degradation in China.Second Prize of 2004 State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (ranking 6th)

Key technologies and applications for safe utilization of farmland with heavy metal exceeding standard and rare earth tailing land. First Prize of 2017 Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Jiangxi Province (ranking No.5)

Research and application of key technologies of obstacle control and high yield-high efficiency production in peanut continuous cropping systems in red soil hilly region. Second Prize of 2015 Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Jiangxi Province (ranked No.8th)

Mechanism and control of red soil degradation in China. Second Prize of 2003 Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Jiangxi Province (ranking 3rd)

Research on the temporal and spatial changes of heavy metals in agricultural soils and land use strategies in typical regions of Jiangsu Province. Second Prize of 2011 Scientific and Technological Award of Land Resources of Ministry of Land and Resources (ranking 9th)

Research and application of digital soil testing and formula fertilization technology for prodution of rice and wheat. Third Prize of 2011 Scientific and Technological Award of Jiangsu Province (ranking 4th)

Honorary title of young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province in 2018.


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[2] Chen Y, Bonkowski M, Shen Y, Griffiths BS, Jiang Y, Wang X, Sun B*. Root ethylene mediates rhizosphere microbial community reconstruction when chemically detecting cyanide produced by neighbouring plants. Microbiome, 2020.

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[5] Jiang Y, Liang Y, Li C, Wang F, Sui Y, Suvannang N, Zhou J, Sun B*. Crop rotations alter bacterial and fungal diversity in paddy soils across East Asia. Soil Biology and Biochemsitry, 2016, 95: 250-261.) (SCI)

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[10]Sun B, Shi JP, Yang LZ. Standard Protocol and Methods for Soil Long Term Observation in Terrestrial Ecosystem. Beijing: China Environmental Science Press. 2007(in Chinese).

Community service:

Vice President of the Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Science Society of China (2016-present)

Member of Soil Science Society of ChinaHead Member (2016- present)

Executive Member of Soil Science Society of Jiangsu Province(2016-present)

Commitment to research the situation:

[1]National Key R&D Program: Mechanisms for Arable Land Quality to Affect Nutrient Utilization of Chemical Fertilizers and Their Regulation(2016/01-2020/12)

[2]National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key Program):Study on the Metabolic Theory of Ecology Driving the Formation of Soil Microbial Diversity(2016/01-2020/12)

[3]Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(Sub-project): Key Coordinative Mechanisms in Soil-Root-Microbe Systems to Affect Nitrogen and Phosphorus Utilization (2014/07-2019/06)

[4]Science and Technology Service Network Initiative of the Chinese Academy of Science (Project): Integration and demonstration of key technology system for improving soil fertility and reducing fertilizer application in the main grain producing areas"(2016/01-2017/12)

[5]National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program):Impact of climate conditions ans soil types The influence of the synergetic evolution of straw composition and microbial community during the long-term straw decomposition(2013/01-2016/12)

[6]Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs (Program for introducing international advanced agricultural science and technology): Geochip technology for monitoring soil biological fertility in China (2014/01-2014/12)

[7]National Science and Technology Infrastructure Program: Study and demonstration of key technologies in controlling and remediating red soil degradation for developping ecological agriculture (2009/01-2011/12)

[8]National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program):Effects of climate conditions and soil types on evolution of nitrifying microbial community in farmland soils(2009/01-2011/12)

[9]National key basic research and development project (Subproject):Evolution mechanisms of key ecological processes and the maintaining countermeasures of the stability of farmland ecosystems along the hydrothermal gradient(2005/07-2010/06)

[10]Special Fund for Scientific Research of Public Welfare Industry(Agriculture)(Subproject):Study on the safety threshold values of heavy metals in soils for rice production(2009/01-2013/12)